Mach Global Power

Mach Global Power is a hand for global reach and influence. With its extensive experience in business, with top proficiency in International Trade and Structured Project Finance, Mach Global Power assures its partners and colleagues the highest potentials of successful results for its every endeavor worldwide. Nevertheless, Mach Global Power also guarantees the end-user top quality products with the finest contemporary design, latest in technology, brightest innovation and cost efficiency.

Mach Global Power is the result of life long friendship of elite individuals whose commitment to their art, science, and business helps improve our way of life. Zealously bringing the future closer at hand as well as bridging the world to every doorstep.

Make your business reach its highest potential and achieve global access with Mach Global Power as your ally. From top corporations, organizations, cities, countries, and governments, Mach Global Power’s influence will be your north.

What We Do

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Structured Project Finance

Consultancy and Management

Research, Design and Development

Engineering and Construction

International Trade
And Cooperation

Our Business

Mach Global Power’s business spans a wide range of fields. In lieu, here are the Ten (10) Business Groups and, in addition to each, every Business Groups can provide a Business Service Group under separate operating divisions. Though different in the products and services they provide,  these divisions share the same goal of creating and delivering diverse value by developing unique functions from a dedicated customer-oriented approach.

Ten (10) Business Divisions

Petrochemical Products

Structured Project Finance

Gold and Other Precious Metals and Minerals

Health Care Solution, Medical Equipment and Supply

Alternative Energy and Power Generation

Transportation Vehicles

Anti-Aging and Skin Care Products


Machinery and Large Format Equipment

Milk, Dairy Products, Wine, and Wineries


Know more about our recent activities


  • Music Production and Events
    Mach Global Power has invested in an entertainment company based in Manila, Philippines. With the scope of influence in the international scene, Mach Global Power will create an avenue for this eighteen year old music-making company towards new heights and…
  • Research, Design and Development
    We understand that project success depends on being proactive before construction even begins. During pre-construction consulting, our Mach Global Power expert teams of engineers & managers help clients set realistic target goals related to scope, safety, budget, schedule and quality. …
  • Buendia Drainage System
    Flood Control Project and other Major Project Developments This joint project is between a Construction & Development Group (a team of Filipino Construction Group, Philippines), spearheaded by CEO Manoel Banawa, and the Okinawa, Japan based major Japanese General Construction Company….