Manoel Banawa, CEO – Director

“Our Contribution through Business Creation and Cooperation”


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        Manoel Banawa with USA President Ronald Reagan

Mach Global Power, is continuously evolving as a corporate entity by developing innovative business models and new technologies that meet the needs of changing times. The world today amid the sweeping trends of globalisation and digitalisation that are bringing relentless change and intense competition to every business segment, Mach Global Power is responding with business innovation, particularly in the fields of new technologies, oil and gas trade including other oil derivatives, international trade and commerce, and the structured project funding and other related financial services We are, therefore actively allocating resources to our Mach Global Power – Sonata – Diamond Group of Companies key strategic domains that capture these trends, building an even stronger business foundation.

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Picture taken in the City of Shenzhen,
Guangdong, Mainland China

As I have indicated “Sow a seed now”, and since then we constantly worked to ensure the Company stayed ahead of the times and boldly took on new businesses. Our entrepreneurial spirit and creative ingenuity remains core to our approach today. Going forward, with social contribution through business creation with particular emphasis in research, technology, and development as one of our mission, we will work to leverage technological innovation and market changes in order to steadily sow the seeds for success beyond the end of the medium-term vision. Potential future business pillars are already sprouting within our current business fields. By investing in these and developing new businesses, we will sustainable grow the Mach Global Power and generate value that is unique to Mach Global Power.

 Signing Ceremony with CEO Manoel Banawa of             Electric Resource Group, Inc. , USAand the Anhui     Province  Electric Supply Bureau of the Chinese     Government

The Mach Global Power has a wide-ranging unique businesses through our other business divisions, we are reinforcing our domestic and overseas supply chains and pursuing business specialization as we strive to raise the Group’s enterprise value. Since the early part of the year 2017, we have been implementing a medium-term vision for the five years leading up to the Company’s long history, aiming to  realize our corporate aspiration of “being a ‘Value Creator’ by continuing to build new businesses.” Our management objectives under this vision are to maintain financial soundness and expand the earnings base through beneficial coexistence and mutual development with our business partners. We are taking an aggressive approach as we pursue these objectives.

Let us sow a seed now with you.

Most sincerely,

Manoel B. Banawa
CEO – Director
Mach Global Power