Message from the CEO

Noel Banawa
CEO Noel Banawa with US President Ronald Reagan, California Governor Pete Wilson, Los Angeles Mayor Tom Bradley, and, Sacramento Mayor Ann Rudin.


Establishment of Power Plant Signing Ceremony in Fujian Province, China

Mach Global Power is continuously evolving as a corporate entity by developing innovative business models and new technologies that meet the needs of changing times. The world today amid the sweeping trends of globalization and digitalization that are bringing relentless change and intense competition to every business segment, Mach Global Power Group of Companies, are responding with business innovation, particularly in the fields of new technologies, oil and gas trade including other oil derivatives, international trade and commerce, and the structured project funding and other related financial services We are, therefore actively allocating resources to our Mach Global Power Group of Companies Ten (10) key strategic domains that capture these trends, building an even stronger business foundation

Lions Club
Mach Global Power CEO Noel Banawa at Lions Club International
City of Shenzhen, China

Mach Global Power, with its presence in a large range in international trade and finance, with particular emphasis in various commodities trade, oil and gas and other oil derivatives, industrial development, new technologies, and structured project funding in countries and regions around the world, is working to obtain an accurate understanding of social issues and identify new needs through dialogue with our worldwide clients and with the private and public partnership. Using the information, we can offer proposals to resolve those issues by bringing together our unique strengths and capabilities. In other words, we have the experience and power to create value that we can match by playing a useful role to society. By leveraging that power to the full extent, we can help contribute in lifting to the living standards of the people in the countries and regions where we do business with, particularly in the African region and in the Asian countries that we work with thus contributing to socio-economic and international trade and commerce development, while also boosting earnings and at the same time expanding our business activities based on relationships of mutual trust and respect. It is at this juncture that Mach Global Power Group of Companies is jointly pursuing the positive business cycle and approach I want to create.

reagan duo
With US President Ronald Reagan
Picture taken next to the Presidential Plane

Furthermore, my aim is to ensure that we cultivate a workforce of people with the attitude and business ability to take on the challenges continually thrown up by a changing and globalized world — people who, with free-thinking creativity, can work together to turn these challenges into opportunities

I am proud to be working with our Mach Global Power Group of Companies’ business partners and colleagues worldwide, taking on the challenge of developing new markets and business opportunities that best reflect who we are as an organization. In doing so, Mach Global Power Group of Companies aims to create the added value expected of us by our customers, corporate partners, and other collaborating partners around the globe.

Noel B. Banawa
CEO – Executive Director
Mach Global Power Group of Companies

Let’s make something together.