Global Businesses

Our Main Business

Mach Global Power is organized and managed by experts, professionals and well experienced businessmen to handle diverse commodities and for the provision of services for various sectors as well as different kinds of industries.

Currently, these areas encompasses the following:

  • General Import and Export Business
  • Pharmaceutical and other Health Care Products
  • Machinery and Large Format Equipment
  • Agri-Business and Fertilizers
  • Oil, Gas and other Oil Derivatives
  • Gold and other Precious Metals
  • Construction Materials

Mach Global Power global influence enables business transactions in the Asia-Pacific and the ASEAN region, Europe, the United States of America, the Americas, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Mainland China, and the Philippines.

In the other reach of the world, Mach Global Power has an on-going project in as far as the Middle Eastern Countries and the African Countries for products related to pre-fabricated housing and construction materials, and wood products.

Mach Global Power Business Line

TEN (10) Business Groups

Mach Global Power’s business spans a wide range of fields. In lieu, here are the Ten (10) Business Groups and, in addition to each, every Business Groups can provide a Business Service Group under separate operating divisions. Though different in the products and services they provide,  these divisions share the same goal of creating and delivering diverse value by developing unique functions from a dedicated customer-oriented approach. Mach Global Power works to develop within their related fields.

Making your business reach its global potential.

Each division maintains highly specialized expertise and leverages unique capabilities in its respective field. At the same time, the divisions combine their know-how and capabilities to generate synergy and create new value.

Petrochemical Products

Structured Project Finance

Health Care Solutions,
Medical Equipment
and Supply

Gold and other Precious Metals

Alternative Energy
and Power Generation

Transportation Vehicles

Wine and Wineries

Anti Aging
and Skin Care Products


Machinery and
Large Format Equipment

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