Global Machinery

Noel pic Seoul (2)
Mr. Joon Ho Kim and his wife from Seoul, South Korea are good friends and partners with CEO Noel Banawa.

Mach Global Power is a company of worldwide association and influence. The Machine and Equipment Division has a global reach that extends to Korea, Japan, Germany and the Philippines. In the opening of the year 2018, CEO Noel Banawa and his long time friend and partner from Korea, Mr. Joon Ho Kim, will spearhead a new company that will import state of the art machinery and equipment to the Philippines and other neighboring Asean Countries.

nexturnIn these past few years, the Philippines opened numerous industrial parks such as the one in Laguna Province. To name a few, other industrial parks are also located in Cavite City and Quezon City. In lieu, this project is in parallel with the continually rising economy in the country (Philippines). The low cost of doing business in the Philippines, the business-friendly and liberalized economy made international businesses to operate and fully own their business in the country. The country’s Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) investment scheme is being emulated by other Asian countries.

equipmentThis brought about a new business venture for Mach Global Power. In partnership with a Korean Machine and Equipment Company, Mach Global Power will introduce a product line with the latest of technology and superb and efficiency. With investment already made for a business center in Mandaluyong City, a marketing and business development team are currently being to ensure the success of the said business.




Philippine Address

Mach Global Power Center

Villa de Bacolor, Sta. Ines, Bacolor
Pampanga, Philippines


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