Humanitarian Projects

Lions Club
CEO Manoel Banawa at the Lions Club International Dinner Party Conference held in the City of Shenzhen, Mainland China in 2013.


Worldwide Awareness Program

Mach Global Power CEO Manoel Banawa was a guest speaker and was further requested to sing the American Favorite “My Way” and another song from Elvis Presley at the Lions Club International Dinner Party Conference held in the City of Shenzhen, Mainland China in 2013. In this event, he was directly involved with Lions Club International’s awareness program for the promotion of Socio-Economic, Culture and Arts, and International Cooperation among the countries of the United States of America, United Kingdom, Mainland China and the Asia-Pacific Region.

anne rubin
(From Left to Right) – CEO Manoel Banawa,
Sacramento, California Mayor Anne Rudin,
Hon K. Takeda of Japan


USD 20 Million Grant-In-Aid Program from Japanese Government

The Philippines, known to be a tropical country, was granted aid to fund the Institute of Tropical Medicine. Amounting to USD 20 Million Grants-In-Aid Program from Japan government, Mr. K. Takeda and CEO Manoel Banawa together with the Philippine Government established and built the Institute for the Study of Tropical Diseases. This non-profit organization created awareness for the Filipino people and helped the prevention of diseases as well as creating cure for the sick stricken with this diseases. The team also provided free medicine for those who are inflicted, and sponsored the treatment or hospitalization expenses for those who were critically affected.

USD 60 Million Grant-In-Aid

Together with Honorable K. Takeda, CEO Manoel Banawa has worked and collaborated with the Philippine government for many years. This synergy has secured and obtained Grants-In-Aid Funding Program from the Japanese Government. Under the Japan government’s JICA and OECF, Honorable K. Takeda, and CEO Manoel Banawa of Mach Global Power soft loan funding assistance program secured from the Japanese government for various Philippine Government Projects were used for Fishing Ports in Pangasinan, Lucena and Zamboanga Provinces, in the Republic of the Philippines some + 40 years ago.

Maritime Training School for Filipino Mariners 

During his early years, Mach Global Power CEO Manoel Banawa was appointed Philippine Representative for a Japanese Shipping Company, and, Container Cargo Consolidation and Marketing in The Philippines during his time some +40 years ago. In the course of his appointment, he launched the Maritime Training School for Filipino Mariners. This school aided in getting employment for Filipino Mariners as well as training them to be a “top choice” in the maritime industry. Also, maritime graduates are aided to acquire licenses that they need to pursue their field.

Lucena, Pangasinan and Zamboanga Provinces’ Fishing Ports

CEO Manoel Banawa and Hon. K Takeda helped funded, developed and constructed the fishing ports in Lucena, Pangasinan and Zamboanga Provinces, in the Republic of Philippines. Being an archipelago of 7,641 islands, The Philippines Fishing Industry is one of the major resource for Filipinos in the provinces. The Japan USD 60 Million Grants-In-Aid and soft loan focused in this industry and helped establish the ports to alleviate the living standards of the ordinary Filipino fisher folks. CEO Manoel Banawa was also a former co-president of the farmers and fisermen’s association of Southern Philippines. This privilege also helped the exportation of tuna and other seafood products; and other agricultural products, such as, mangoes, guava tea and banana.

Philippine Military Academy Baguio Housing and elevation of the St. Mary’s Statue

Mach Global Power CEO Manoel Banawa has also undertaken construction and development works as a licensed general contractor under his Noel Banawa Cosntruction and Development organization. Through his Construction and Engineering Firm; with a young and brilliant team of Filipinos, he built the military housing for the Philippine Military Academy (“PMA”) and for the City of Baguio situated at the City of Baguio, Philippines. Sharing his birth date with the Holy Mother, September 8, he personally built and donated “The Mother Mary’s Statue and Park” in Barangay Kias at the PMA Park Housing for the community in the City of Baguio in the early part of the 1980s.

reagan duo
USA President Ronald Reagan and Manoel Banawa, Executive Director and Co- Founder of the United California Economic Development Agency (UCEDA)


The United California Economic Development Agency (UCEDA) is a non-profit foundation and was founded in 1989 in Sacramento and Los Angeles in California, USA by Manoel B. Banawa. Alongside with the top officials of the USA President Ronald Reagan and with the aid of friends and associates from Japan, UCEDA has invested in various low-income housing projects to strengthen the low-income individuals in their housing needs. UCEDA also helped in providing food for struggling families. Under this non-profit organization, health care workforce for Aids-Hospice-Specific Initiatives were organized to reduce and prevent Aids as well as alleviate those who are suffering with the deadly virus.

tom bradleyThe UCEDA – California Initiative was also organized in the promotion and strengthening of the Asian – American socio-economic, cultural and arts, and, international trade and commerce cooperation. This program invest and co-participate in communities’ projects and partners with local organizations to provide creative solutions that respond to neighborhood development needs.

St. Mary’s Chapel


Due to his devotion to the Holy Mother, CEO Manoel Banawa and his team of young and brilliant technical crew will elevate the Saint Mary’s Chapel. The proposed location for this project will be over a grand view of the Taal Volcano in Tagaytay City, Philippines and at his (Manoel Banawa) home town Bacolor, Pampanga, Philippines Project will commence in 2018.

In addition, Mach Global Power‘s COO Christian Banawa (Musical Director) and Marketing Director Katherine Banawa (Worship Music) will lead the Music Ministry for the Chapel Religious Services.

Building new paths and horizon means walking them with you…

The Mach Global Power has incorporated humanitarian projects in their endeavors. Accepting this social responsibility helps the people behind the company to live upon its mission to bring a bright future to the next generation. Mach Global Power, Manoel Banawa has instilled in its corporate culture, is a testimony that faith in the goodness of men is not a thing of the past.

To the future where you are the prime directive, we will go.


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