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Mach Global Power Group of Companies

Mach Global Power (MGP), primarily founded by Ma. Noel B. Banawa and a collectice of well experienced businessmen, was established in 1989 with offices in San Diego, Los Angeles, and in Las Vegas. Formerly known as Cherry Group Resources of America, San Diego, California, Mach Global

Power during its early years was headquartered in Beverly Hills, California and maintained several representations and affiliated offices worldwide.

Eurobancapital of America, an affiliated company, leads the Los Angeles and Hong Kong operations in cooperation with affiliated companies with offices in Hong Kong and in Mainland China. Through the Eurobancapital Trading Division, the California operations is in-charge of the sourcing and export of various commodities which includes gold and

other precious metals and other mineral commodities worldwide.

In the Asia Pacific, Eurobancapital of America and ERG Partners (est. 1989), an affiliate of Electric Resource Group, Inc. (est. 1994) with its Asia – Pacific headquarters located in Hong Kong, Mainland China, and the Philippines, ensures trade and business reach its optimum success.

In Japan, through the company First World Capital Group which was also co-founded by CEO-DIrector Ma. Noel Banawa and its collaborating associates from the United Kingdom,

United States of America, Japan, Hong Kong, Mainland China, and Philippines, works to develop, own and operate a Waste Reprocessing Plant, a Plasma—Gasification Plant, and Product Recovery Facility which will be located in Mainland China, Japan, Philippines, and other Asian Countries initially. In connection with key cities in Asia and in Mainland China, MGP Group of Companies will be acting as managing general partner for participating investment partners in the build-and-operate projects of Processing Facilities and other specific businesses.

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Globalization of the world economy is advancing at a rapid pace amidst the liberalization of trade and investment. For Mach Global Power Group, this development resulted in increased trade and business opportunities, and Mach Global Power Group, and in collaboration with affiliates and partners in Europe, U.S.A., Japan, Hong Kong, China, and other countries is making every effort to accurately evaluate the trends of the times and to vigorously pursue strategies that ensure sound growth towards the 21st century.

From Left to Right – Banker and Developer Kent Merselis, Banker-Developer and Secretary of Housing Ray Watt, US President Ronald Reagan, Mach Global Power CEO Noel Banawa.

Opportunities in The Asia Pacific Region

Mach Global Power  Group believes that the Asia-Pacific region, particularly Mainland China is now becoming one of the world’s developing markets, including, the Philippines following other major industrial countries in Asia like Japan, South Korea, and more particularly Mach Global Power Group’s affiliate companies the Sonata Trading Ltd. and Diamond Point Ltd. recent involvement in major

power generation projects in the African region, coal-to-fuel, DME, coal-fired power plants and cement and paper mill projects, and in the sale of gold and other precious metal business endeavors in Hong Kong, Japan, and South Korean countries.  Because of this conviction, we have entered partnership agreements with the concerned local government agencies and private partners that will

enable us to play an important role in this expansion by participating in infrastructure and development projects. Based on this partnership, we plan to attract foreign technologies, capital, financing, and facilities in this region.

Enhancing Ties with Private and Public Organizations

In connection with the Japanese, South Korean, Chinese, and other Asian government economic development program, Mach Global Power Group, together with Sonata Trading Ltd. and Diamond Point Ltd. and other foreign partners, have entered

in a joint-venture agreement with major European-American-Japanese-South Korean Technology Companies and with major public and private organizations in related project undertaking, infrastructure and economic development projects.

Mach Global Power Group, now seeks to form an international consortium involving financing institutions and leading companies in Japan, Hong Kong, Mainland China, South Korea, Europe and United States of America.

Signing Ceremony for Technical Funding and Development and Collaboration for Infrastructure Projects.

Mach Global Power Group together with  Sonata Trading Ltd. and the Diamond Point Ltd. will serve as an owner and operator of co-generation facilities to be developed in several Asian locations, which included its power generation power plant projects, and possible coal-fired power plants integrated with Kenaf pulping in the Philippines and in Mainland China.

Mach Global Power Group and Sonata Trading Ltd. – Diamond Point Ltd. will be one of the managing partners of an entity to be formed with the Philippine private-public partnership and the United Kingdom – American investors through Mach Global Power Group in the Philippines and other Asian – Mainland China projects. The pulping facilities will be sized to serve a substantial export to Japan through Mach Global Power Group Trading Division.

In addition to the papermaking facilities, it will operate a new coal mining operation at a site in a key selected coal mining operations which will be accessible for river barges to deliver coal to the plant sites for at least seven months each year. It will operate barges and hire delivery to the coal yards at the plant sites sufficient to store coal for five months of operations.

Mach Global Power

Mach Global Power Group together with its affiliate companies in the United Kingdom will be forming a cooperative joint venture organization in the Philippines and in Mainland China to construct and operate:

  • Coal-Fired Power Plants,
  • Air Separation Facility with a capacity of 600 metric tons per day,
  • Pulping facility with a capacity of 300 MT per day of paper pulp from kenaf stalks.

For the output power distribution, it will enter an agreement with an electric company for the Philippines; and for China, the Chinese government-owned power companies to purchase all the power produced by the plant with any surplus to be sold to the Inter-provincial Electric organization under the Power Purchase Agreement (PPA).

Geothermal Power Generation

Mach Global Power CEO Ma. Noel Banawa visited a

Geothermal Power Plant in Indonesia.

Platinum Capital (Europe) Ltd. Group and affiliate companies led by Sonata Trading Ltd. – Diamond Point Ltd. (an affiliate of Mach Global Power) have on-going operations together with major oil refinery companies, trading houses, general construction companies, and financial institutions in the United States of America and the United Kingdom. Also, in conjunction with the UK-South Korean Development Team, these companies are undertaking a multi-billion dollar Power Generation Development Projects in the African Region.

Mach Global Power

In the export and trading business, Mach Global Power Group’s affiliate the Diamond Point Ltd., in collaboration with major oil refinery companies in Russia and Malaysia, and including other oil-producing countries, are embarking in the supply jet fuel, D-2, crude oil and other oil derivatives secured from the business relationships of Sonata Trading Ltd., the Diamond Point Ltd., and Mach Global Power Group with key oil-producing countries.

Mach Global Power CEO Noel B. Banawa, with offices in the United Kingdom, the United States of America, Hong Kong, and the Philippines are embarking in the sale and leasing of aircraft. In collaboration with its financial partners in the Asia-Pacific Region, Japan, Hong Kong, Mainland China, USA, and the UK the supply of spare parts and maintenance of aircraft will also be part of the business venture. For Platinum Capital (Europe) Ltd. (also co-founded by CEO Ma. Noel Banawa) and affiliate U.K. companies, a proposed airline project in joint-venture and partnerships with certain countries in the South African Region will be imminent by the end of the year.